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Dear Parents, Staff and Students,            

I hope everyone is enjoying the first week of the holidays.  The staff are still busy at work.  They are spending the week preparing for 2024 with class handover information, sorting and tidying classrooms, and completing child safety and first aid training.  It has been a busy, but productive week.

2024 Staff List



Therese Hussey


Christina Zurzolo


Karen Keddie


Pre – Kindy

Susan Donaldson


Susan Donaldson

Pre – Primary

Freda Burgess

Year 1

Gina Nickels

Year 2

Jo Brescacin

Year 3

Temeka Curley

Year 4

Jessamy Bettridge

Year 5

Christina Zurzolo & Shannan Watt

Year 6

Jordyn Sheldrick

Science Specialist

Karen Keddie

Gifted & Talented Support

Karen Keddie

LOTE (Italian)

Sara Leahy

Physical Education

Shannon Hewitt (Term One Wks 1-5)

Physical Education

Christina Davies


Teresa Aldred


Debbie Hawley

Reading Recovery

Debbie Hawley


School Social Worker

Chloe Grant

PP Assistant

Jennifer Moore

PP Special Needs Assistant

Danielle Fanetti (Mon, Tues)

PP Special Needs Assistant

Simone Tormey (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Kindy Assistant

Sylvie Spadaccini

Kindy Assistant

Lucy Marchetti

Pre-Kindy Assistant

Sylvie Spadaccini

Learning Support Assistant

Sue Swaby (Mon, Tues, Wed)

Learning Support Assistant

Jenny Iffla (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)

Learning Support Assistant

Simone Tormey (Mon, Tues)

Learning Support Assistant

Danielle Fanetti (Wed, Thurs)

Administration (Finance)

Jennifer Cotton


Julie West (Tues – Fri)


Flavia Lenzo (Monday)

Library Officer (Tuesday)

Lucy Marchetti

Canteen Manager (Tues & Fri)

Alison Honter

Uniform Manager (Thursday)

Lisa Denys


Fr Joseph Rathnaraj

2024 Term Dates

Term 1:

Wednesday 31st January: Students commence

Thursday 28th March: End of Term 1

Term 2:

Monday 15th April: Students commence for Term 2

Friday 28th June: End of Term 2

Term 3:

Monday 15th July: Students commence for Term 3

Friday 20th September: End of term 3

Term 4:

Tuesday 8th October: Students commence Term 4

Friday 6th December: End of Term 4

2024 Pupil Free Days & Public Holidays

Monday 29th January
Pupil Free day (TBC)
Tuesday 30th January
Pupil Free day (TBC)
Monday 4th March
Labour Day Public Holiday
Thursday 25th April
Anzac Day Public Holiday
Friday 31st May
Pupil Free
Monday 3rd June
WA Day Public Holiday
Tuesday 4th June
Pupil Free day (TBC)
Monday 19th August
Pupil Free day (TBC)
Monday 7th October
Pupil Free Day (TBC)
Monday 4th November
Pupil Free day (TBC)

Term One Dates to Remember:

  • Wedneday 31st January: Students commence Term One
  • Thursday 1st February: 6.30pm Parent Information Evening Pre-Primary to Year Six.
  • Thusday 8th February: 9.00am Openng Liturgy
  • Friday 9th February: 5.30pm P&F Welcome Picnic.
  • Wednesday 14th February: 30am Ash Wedneday Mass at St Francis of Assisi Church.
  • Wednesday 14th February: 6.00pm CSAC Meeting. 30pm P&F Meeting.

Merry Christmas

Wising everyone a very Merry Christmas, and all the best for a fabulous New Year in 2024.

Warm regards