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Parents & Friends

Parents & Friends

The objectives of the Parents and Friends’ Association are to fulfil the aims of the Parents and Friends’ Association of Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School, in a spirit of Christian co-operation and to promote in the school an active relationship with Christ and His Church.

Latest Meeting

Wednesday 26th April

2024 Committee Members

Please contact the P&F Committee at

President: Stephanie Kaciuba
Vice President: Caris Smith
Treasurer: Lara Bateman
Secretary: Kellee Seden & Katelyn Kollar
School Representatives:
Therese Hussey (Principal)
Karen Keddie & Christina Zurzolo (Assistant Principals)

Parent Support Group

Parent Rep Coordinator Michelle Steward
Pre-Kindy (3YOP)  Meagan Collins
Kindy Liz Daly
Pre-Primary  Tessa Meegan, Jenny O’Meara, Kacey Waddington
Year 1  Jessie Hunter, Sarah Young, Katelyn Kollar
Year 2  Melinda Vajas, Tessa Meegan, Jenny O’Meara.
Year 3  Amanda Cronin, Kate Rampellini
Year 4  Kellee Sedan, Natalie Knott
Year 5  Katrina Harnett, Kaitlyn Gelmi, Tracey Nieman, Emmilly Gibb
Year 6  Caroline Arlt, Michelle Steward, Sheree O’Sullivan, Kacey Waddington