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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff and Students

Feast of the Pentecost

This Sunday, May 19, we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. The feast concludes the Easter Season, and it commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ. The feast is often referred to as the “birthday of the church” because it marks the beginning of the Christian church’s mission to spread the teachings of Jesus to all nations. It’s a time to reflect on the power of community and faith, and for us all to reflect on the values of unity, hope, and compassion.

Holy Spirit,

Blow away the things that keep people apart.

Light your flame of love and hope in us,

So that we can be your Pentecost people today.


Premier’s Reading Challenge

Parents have received information through Seesaw about the 2024 Premier’s Reading Challenge. The theme for this year is, “Reading Can Take You Anywhere.” We would love as many children as possible to participate in the challenge.  The weekly prizes are great, but most of all the challenge is about encouraging the children’s reading journey and helping them discover a lifelong love for reading.

Reading is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities!  Not only does reading improve vocabulary, comprehension, and communication skills, but it also fosters creativity, critical thinking, and empathy.  Through reading our children can explore new worlds, meet diverse characters, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others.  Most importantly, reading habits established in primary school have a lasting impact on future academic success and lifelong learning.  What’s not to love about reading?  Parents, please encourage your children to take part. I look forward to distributing participation certificates to all who take part in the Reading Challenge.

Inter School Cross Country Carnival

Best of luck to all our students competing in the upcoming Cross Country Inter School Carnival on Friday 24 May.  This is an opportunity for our students to represent their school and showcase their athletic abilities.  Most of all, we want our students to give their best effort, support their team-mates and have fun at the carnival.  Best wishes to the students for a successful day, and sincerest thanks to Mrs Alysha Emanuele for preparing the children for this event.

Extend OSHC for Pupil Free Days

Matthew Gibney Extend will be offering care for interested families on the two pupil free days this term. Care will be offered for students from Kindy to Year 6 on Friday 31 May and Tuesday 4.  All families are welcome to enrol.  Details about the care service is available in the flier attached within this newsletter.

Congratulations to our Week 5 Merit Award Winners

Next Week

We wish the Year 4 class all the best as they visit La Salle College on Tuesday.

I look forward to reading, “Bowerbird Blues” to all classes next Wednesday for National Simultaneous Story Time.

Best wishes to our Inter School Cross Country Team for Friday.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Warm regards.

Therese Hussey


School News

Our MGCPS Focus: Friendship is… Self-Compassion

In order to create healthy friendships, we need children to first look inward and treat themselves like a best friend. This is called Self-Compassion.

Through the Friendology curriculum, kids strengthen self-compassion in the very first session called, Inner Ninja! Your Inner-Ninja is self-compassion, self-love, self-care, self-respect AND self-worth. Your Inner-Ninja treats you like a best friend! They learn to name their emotions, calm their butterflies, and squash their ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). Let’s help ourselves be our own bestie!

Think about:

  • Do you like it when your friend(s) cheers for you? Do you cheer for you too?
  • How can you cheer for yourself?
  • How can you pick yourself up if you are feeling down or sad?
  • What are my favourite ways to treat myself like a best friend?

Parents, share ways that you treat yourself like a friend!

What happens when you don’t treat yourself well?

Important Dates for Term 2

Pre Kindy 2025 Interviews: 13th May – 24th May.

Pupil Free Day: Friday 31st May.

Public Holiday (WA Day): Monday 3rd June.

Pupil Free Day: Tuesday 4th June.

Good News

This term, Year 1 have been learning about 3D shapes. We have enjoyed making different 3D shapes and identifying their features.

Community News

Now taking enrolments at La Salle College

La Salle College is now taking enrolments for students starting Year 7 in 2026 and 2027.

We believe that education extends beyond the classroom, encouraging our students to live out their
faith and values in the service of others, whilst making a positive impact on the world in which they
live. Through our teaching and learning, we aim to transform tomorrow’s hearts, minds and lives in
all that we do.

At La Salle College we offer a wide range of learning programs and academic pathways, as well as
opportunities in a multitude of areas such as skill-based and work-based learning, music, arts, sport
and extracurricular activities and clubs. Our wonderful facilities and generous outdoor spaces, which
includes Science Labs, Aquatic Centre with a 10-lane swimming pool, Performing Arts Centre with
orchestra pit, Chapel, Trade and Skills Centre and a double court Sports Centre, provide an
innovative and modern learning environment that inspires our students to be the best they can be.

With limited places available for Year 7 2026 and 2027, we encourage you to make an enquiry today or join us on a student led tour of the College

Term 2 and 3 Tour Dates:
• Monday 13 May at 4:30pm
• Tuesday 23 July at 4:30pm
• Tuesday 27 August at 4:30pm

Bookings can be made via the La Salle College website

If you would like to know more about our enrolments process please visit our website or contact our College Enrolments team:
• Email
• Phone 9449 0601