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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff and Students

May – A Month to Honour Mary, Mother of Jesus.

During the Month of May, we honour our Blessed Mother, Mary. Mary, our Mother in Heaven loves us with all her heart and soul.  We know that Mary will always listen to our prayers and intercede to God on our behalf.

“From Mary we learn to surrender to God’s will in all things. From Mary we learn to trust even when all hope seems gone. From Mary we learn to love Christ her son and the son of God.”  Pope John Paul II

“If you ever feel distressed during your day, call upon Our Lady.  Just say this simple prayer, “Mary, mother of Jesus, please be a mother to me now.” I must admit, this prayer has never failed me.” Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

Welcome to Newly Appointed Principal, Mr Clinton Payne

I am very pleased to be able to hand over the Principalship of our school to newly appointed Principal, Clinton Payne, as he commences in Semester Two.  Clinton is an experienced educator and highly regarded school leader, and I look forward to working with him, over the coming weeks, as he begins the process of getting to know all things Matthew Gibney.

We welcome Clinton to our CSAC and P&F meetings next week.  Parents are invited to come along to the P&F meeting on Wednesday evening, commencing at 7.30pm, to have an opportunity to meet Clinton in person.

Mother’s Day Stall and Mass

Please be reminded about the Mother’s Day Stall on Monday 6th May and again on Tuesday 7th May for Pre-Kindy.  The stall is an opportunity for the children to purchase something special for their Mum.  An information flier has been sent home and is available in this newsletter.  Sincerest thanks to Sheree, and the parent helpers, for organising the stall and for sourcing the lovely gifts that will be available for purchase.

Please bring grandparents, aunts, and special friends along to celebrate Mother’s Day with the children, on Friday 10th May.  We will commence with Mass at 9.00am followed by morning tea. All are welcome.

COVID and Other Illnesses

Covid continues to rear it’s head from time to time. We have had a few members of our community come down with Covid in recent weeks.  The general advice for Covid management from the WA Department of Health is as follows:

What to do if you have COVID-19

Please stay home if you have COVID-19 until your symptoms have resolved to protect our community. This could take up to 10 days or more and a minimum of 5 days is a good guide.

Not all colds and sniffles are Covid.  However, parents are reminded to keep the children at home if they are unwell.  Young children are most susceptible to catching illnesses from others.  Please help our students and staff stay well during the upcoming cooler months by keeping the children at home if they are sick.

Asthma Bust out in Blue Annual Appeal

Thank you for supporting our recent asthma fundraising day.  Your generosity has raised $219.50 to enable Asthma WA to continue to provide free personalized education, diagnosis and support to Western Australians with asthma.  All the money raised in WA stays in WA.

Congratulations Year 5

Congratulations to the Year 5 students for a most entertaining assembly today.  The “Ken versus Barbie Debate” was topical, thought provoking and entertaining.  The students left us with some very positive messages about the value of all people, both female and male, and the importance of self-belief, empathy and support of each other.  Sincerest thanks to Miss Zurzolo and Ms Watt for preparing the children for their assembly this morning.

Next Week

Don’t forget the Mother’s Day stall next Monday and Tuesday and the Mother’s Day Mass and morning tea on Friday.

The Kindy speech screening will commence next week.

School Advisory Council members are reminded about the meeting on Wednesday evening.

All parents and friends are welcome to attend the P&F Meeting on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm in the staff room.

I hope your football team has a win over the weekend – especially the Dockers supporters!

Warm regards.

Therese Hussey


School News

Our MGCPS Focus: Pause the Worry

Some kids worry what their friend will do/say or they worry about an upcoming test or they worry about getting a needle at the doctor’s or they worry their teacher will be mad they didn’t do their homework…

Firstly, it’s normal to worry sometimes. And, for kids, they’re experiencing “firsts” all the time. Feeling nervous, anxious, unsettled, afraid, uncomfortable, unsure… these emotions are part of the human experience. As children grow and develop their social-emotional skills, they learn to self-manage these heightened feelings.

As grown-ups, we can try to give them tips and strategies.

  • We can help them with perspective-taking, reminding them the worry is not as big as they think – is it a little problem or a big problem?
  • We can be a Friendship Coach, role-playing with them.
  • We can walk them through a ‘Worst Case Scenario’ to show them they can handle even the most challenging outcome.

But sometimes, their anxious little bodies and minds can’t absorb our well-intentioned lessons. They’re not ready. And, instead they simply need a break from their big, worried emotion…and so do you!

This strategy gives you both permission to stop feeding the worry. ‘Pushing pause’ can sometimes break the vicious cycle that can happen when children/teens obsess and get hooked on a negative emotion. It allows you both a chance to reset, yet still lets them know you’re there if they need to revisit the thoughts later.

Take them for ice-cream, send them out to jump on the trampoline, turn on their favourite music, go for a bike ride, get them to play with a friend… Use the time out to infuse positive emotions and watch what happens!

School Photos

The portal to be able to order school photos online is now open and will close midnight, Sunday 5th May 2024.

Please see this link for Instructions on how to order:

Easy Steps to Order School Photos Online.

Important Dates for Term 2

Kindy 2025 Interviews: 29th April – 10th May.

Pre Kindy 2025 Interviews: 13th May – 24th May.

Pupil Free Day: Friday 31st May.

Public Holiday (WA Day): Monday 3rd June.

Pupil Free Day: Tuesday 4th June.

Term 2 Parent Planner

Please see the link below for the Term 2 Parent Planner.

Term 2 Parent Planner

Hard Copies are available from the office.

Good News

This term Year 3 have been busy with their learning. We spent time thinking of all those who have died in wars, learning about measurement in Maths and finding out about this wonderful place we call home, Australia. Students took the time to commemorate lost soldiers with a display of crepe paper and water to dye the ‘Ode’ poster. In Maths we used containers to measure capacity and bags of salt to estimate and measure mass. In HASS they are learning about states, territories and famous landmarks of Australia. What a busy start to a wonderful term of hands on and inquiry activities.

Counsellor's Corner

Parent Workshop – UR Strong Program

At Matthew Gibney, we believe that equipping children with healthy friendship skills equips them for healthy relationships for the rest of their lives. We are excited about the UR Strong curriculum and we want families to come onboard and learn the same concepts our students are learning so you can continue these conversations at home.

This is an opportunity to hear about what your children are learning and ask questions.

Thursday 16th May 2024 

2pm – 3pm

P&F News

Community News

Now taking enrolments at La Salle College

La Salle College is now taking enrolments for students starting Year 7 in 2026 and 2027.

We believe that education extends beyond the classroom, encouraging our students to live out their
faith and values in the service of others, whilst making a positive impact on the world in which they
live. Through our teaching and learning, we aim to transform tomorrow’s hearts, minds and lives in
all that we do.

At La Salle College we offer a wide range of learning programs and academic pathways, as well as
opportunities in a multitude of areas such as skill-based and work-based learning, music, arts, sport
and extracurricular activities and clubs. Our wonderful facilities and generous outdoor spaces, which
includes Science Labs, Aquatic Centre with a 10-lane swimming pool, Performing Arts Centre with
orchestra pit, Chapel, Trade and Skills Centre and a double court Sports Centre, provide an
innovative and modern learning environment that inspires our students to be the best they can be.

With limited places available for Year 7 2026 and 2027, we encourage you to make an enquiry today or join us on a student led tour of the College

Term 2 and 3 Tour Dates:
• Monday 13 May at 4:30pm
• Tuesday 23 July at 4:30pm
• Tuesday 27 August at 4:30pm

Bookings can be made via the La Salle College website

If you would like to know more about our enrolments process please visit our website or contact our College Enrolments team:
• Email
• Phone 9449 0601