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From the Principal

Dear Parents, Staff and Students


Prayer for the First Week of Lent

We pray in gratitude for the wonder of faith in God and  the beauty of life.

May our vision be broad and deep as we embrace people in great need through our support of

Project Compassion, organized by Caritas Australia.



The Parents and Friends have organized a sausage sizzle, and a variety of stalls selling drinks and sweets, for the City of Kalamunda Movie Night tonight on Ollie Worrell Reserve.  Please come down and support the P&F as they get involved in this community event.  Food and drinks will be available prior to the movie commencing.  Thank you to the parents for volunteering on the night and for all the organization prior to the event.

Congratulations Lillian

Well done to Lillian, Year 3 student, for her amazing act of kindness in donating her hair to charity.  Lillian’s generosity is an excellent example to us all about Making Jesus Real in our world.  Congratulations to Lillian who has entered the Catholic Education WA Easter Competition for Acts of Kindness.  In our eyes, Lillian, you are already a winner!

Merit Award Recipients – Week 4

Congratulations to all our students who were the proud recipients of a Merit Award at the assembly last week.  Great job everyone!

Science Laboratory Opening Invitation

Thank you to our visitors for coming along to the official opening of the Science laboratory earlier this week.  Fr Joseph blessed the Science lab for us and Mrs Kaciuba cut the ribbon for the official opening.  We look forward to many happy hours of science adventures.

Sacramental Commitment Masses

Parents of students receiving sacraments this year in Years 3, 4 and 6 are reminded about the Commitment Masses on the weekend of 9 and 10 March.  Please set aside the time to attend one of the Masses at St Francis of Assisi Church to support your child as they commit to receiving their sacrament in 2024.

Final Notices

I will be on long service leave commencing Thursday 14 March until the end of the term.  Karen Keddie will be Principal during my absence.  I will be here next week, as normal.

Best wishes to Mrs Hewitt as she commences her parental leave today.  We wish Shannon and her family all the very best and look forward to a visit with the new baby at some time in the near future.

Enjoy the long weekend.  It is beautiful weather at the moment. Let’s hope it stays that way over the weekend.

Warm regards

Therese Hussey


School News

Our MGCPS Focus: Joy!

Brene Brown, shame and vulnerability researcher, defines #empathy as “feeling with people”. Within friendship, teaching children how to carefully consider another person’s feelings helps them strengthen their relationships and develop a deeper sense of self.

Empathy isn’t just useful (and important) when our friend is feeling negative emotions – like a Friendship Fire. It’s also useful (and important) when our friend is feeling positive emotions – like they got the top mark on the test, or they won the race, or they’re so excited about their new puppy. Let’s do fun activities centred on MUDITA – the empathetic JOY we feel when our friends feel joy!

Knowing that “comparison is the thief of joy”, this image helps kids see that a friend’s successes and strengths do NOT, in any way, undermine their own successes and strengths. We can all be awesome in our own ways! Feelings of jealousy and envy fade away when kids stop comparing themselves to their friends and, instead, focus on feeling happy for their friends.

URSTRONG reminds children that friends are on the same team! Green-Zone Friends cheer their friends on & feel that same kind of pride that parents feel about their children. This is what JOY is all about!

Book Club

Issue 2 of the Scholastic Book Club catalogue was sent home with students this week. Please note orders need to be placed online, through the LOOP website, before Friday 8th March.

Extend OSHC

The children attending out of school hours care this week have been busily making candle holders for Lent and Easter.  Their finished products are looking wonderful.

EXTEND offer a quality before and after school care service at Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School.  The service is available to students from Kindy to Year Six. Service Coordinator is Diana Graham. Please pop in for a chat with Diana about out the service at any time. Ph 08 7081 2164 Email us:

Pupil Free Dates 2024

Please note the Pupil Free dates for 2024.

Monday 4th March: Labour Day Public Holiday

Thursday 25th April: Anzac Day Public Holiday

Friday 31st May: Pupil Free Day

Monday 3rd June: WA Day Public Holiday

Tuesday 4th June: Pupil Free Day

Monday 19th August: Pupil Free Day

Monday 23rd  September: King’s Birthday Public Holiday

Monday 7th October: Pupil Free Day

Monday 4th November: Pupil Free Day

Good News

Year Two with their Self Portraits.

Counsellor's Corner

Is Your Angry Child Destroying Your Home?

It can be overwhelming when your child’s anger escalates to the point they become physically destructive.

As a parent, you wonder where your sweet child has gone, and you worry for their safety (as well as that of everyone else in the home!)

Kids get an immediate emotional release when they break or destroy something, so your child is just choosing an unhealthy coping skill when they feel angry. They’ve learnt that this momentarily helps them feel better.

Click on the article below for suggestions on how to respond

Is Your Angry Child Destroying Your Home? (Superpower Kids)