Matthew Gibney Catholic School

High Wycombe

30 Munday Road
High Wycombe WA 6057


I hope you enjoy browsing through this site and that you discover for yourself how unique Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School really is.

Since 1991, Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School has provided and continues to provide a Catholic education for its students. We present Christ as a model to be followed in our everyday actions. The school works closely with St Francis of Assisi Parish to ensure that we can develop and strengthen the children in our care with experiences that will enrich their faith journeys.

Our school is coeducational, catering for children from Three-year-old Kindergarten through to Year 6.

Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School welcomes all new families to our school community. It is our hope that all the children will enjoy learning and be proud of their accomplishments. They will thrive in a safe and happy environment that allows for growth in the many areas of their development. This will all be achieved through the collaboration between our parents, teachers and children working towards a common goal.