Matthew Gibney Catholic School

High Wycombe

30 Munday Road
High Wycombe WA 6057

Parents & Friends

The objectives of the Parents and Friends' Association are to fulfil the aims of the Parents and Friends' Association of Matthew Gibney Catholic Primary School, in a spirit of Christian co-operation and to promote in the school an active relationship with Christ and His Church.

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Parents and Friends AGM Presidents Report 2017

Good evening and thank you all for attending tonight. It’s pleasing to see the numbers of parents and friends attending all P&F meetings during the year and that we see that reflected again here tonight. It makes the work of the P&F committee much easier when you have a strong support base to work with.
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P & F Meeting Information

P & F meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm. All parents and friends are welcome!

Please contact the P&F Committee at

2018 Committee Members

President: George Coldham
Vice-President: Michelle Steward
Secretary: Joseph Rickerby
Treasurer: Natasha Alleway
Board Representative: Mike Feltham
Book Club: Donna Masters (Zane Year 5)
School Representatives:
Mark Powell (Principal)
Diane Scriven & Karen Keddie (Assistant Principals)

Parent Support Group

Co-ordinator: Michelle Steward
Kindy: Amy Cullen & Rachael Ehlers
Pre-Primary: Amanda Coldham & Kacey Waddington
Year 1: Esther Robertson & Jodie Capobianco
Year 2: Jodie Capobianco & Sharna Zinella
Year 3: Michelle Steward & Jamie Smith
Year 4: Narelle Gielingh
Year 5: Michelle Steward & Kristie Davey
Year 6: Karen Meikle & Jenny Bootland
Faith Group & Parish Liaison: Amber David

Latest Minutes

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Latest Agenda

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